Tips to Remain Safe in Hotel Rooms

Budget accommodation in Delhi offers you pocket friendly deals. Not only do they offer you Budget bed and breakfast in New Delhi but at the same time other required services also. However, you need to put a little effort to be extra safe at the 3 star Hotels in south Delhi. For this you are required to follow few tips that will otherwise also prove beneficial to you. Here are the tips to remain safe in hotel rooms.

Evaluate the room

In case you are being accompanied by the valet then make sure that you thoroughly evaluate the room by blocking the door open. Have a peep into the closet and in the shower. Also, look behind the curtains prior to shutting the door and releasing the valet. Be assured that the lock of your room is properly functional and that the door of your room has the deadbolt. Make it a point to keep it carefully locked when you are there in your room. Doing this is really important from your safety point of view.

Secure the door

Prior to going to bed or to the shower make use of the door wedge to tightly secure the door. Most of the times the crooks are not caught and there is not even a trace found. There are few who get hired by the hotels and have a spare key. There are many similar cases that have been reported. Always keep the flashlight or the headlamp by your bed so that in case of any emergency you can easily navigate through a building that is completely unfamiliar to you.

All in all, these are the tips to remain safe in hotel rooms which you need to keep in mind every time you stay in a hotel.

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