Must Follow Tips While Staying at Hotel

Cheap accommodation in Delhi is a good option to save your money. You can also opt for the Guest house in south Delhi as these are also very affordable. Going in for Hotels in East of Kailash is also a good option provided that you follow certain safety tips that will make your stay a little more pleasant. Here we are with the must follow tips while staying at hotel.

Stick to luggage

You need to be very careful with your luggage on arrival. Stick to it wherever you go. Opt for the rooms that are neither too high nor on the ground floor. In former case it will be difficult to get way in case of emergency and in the latter case it will be open to easy break ins. So, rooms somewhere on the first or second floor are a good choice. Also, these are helpful in case you have to time and again move in and out of the hotel.

Easy contact

At the reception take two business cards that carry name of the hotel and its address and keep one of these in your room so that on case of emergency you have an easy contact. The other one you must keep in your pocket so that in case you get misled then you know where to go or whom to call. Be careful of not touching those remotes a lot or at least putting these in your mouth forgetfully because these contain a lot of germs that have the potential to make you fall sick. Either avoid using these or clean them a little with the sanitizer.

All in all, these are the must follow tips while staying at hotel. Do keep these in your mind while you next visit a hotel.

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