Hotels in south Delhi are sure to provide you rooms at a very decent price. However, provision of Bed and Breakfast in Delhi is not that decent as it might appear when you first look at the prices. There are a lots of ways in which Hotels near Pragati Maidan or any other place in the city follow so as to recover the initial discount that they have provided you on the rate of the room. Most of times it is in the form of price of the things that you perchance, intentionally or unintentionally from the hotel premises. Here is the list of must not buy things from hotels.


At places other than where it is hard to find the water that is drinkable, the bottled water that you get at the hotel is chargeable. You ought to pay price for the same and is in no case the water inclusive in your room rate. The fancy liquids and the fancy bottles that your hotel gives you, is expensive and you ought to avoid that as all the other sources where you find water has the potential of being consumed. You can also carry your own water bottles and in case you buy one then do not waste it by consuming it half the way only.

Nothing from the minibar

Majority of hotels out there offer no such facility that allows you to raid the minibar free o cost. In contrary anything that you pick up from there is not only charged but the price is more than what are in the market. These items surely look very tempting but you ought to save yourself the horror by not falling a prey to the temptation and avoiding it. Keep the calculations simple and get your own eating stuff.

All in all, these are the must not buy things from hotels. In case you really want to save that money which was left in your pocket after you cracked deal at the room rate then you must avoid buying any such good that is listed above.

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