Different Types of Resorts for Sport Lovers

Having Bed and breakfast Delhi should not be your only aim. If you are out on a vacation then Hotels near Pragati Maidan may help you to save money on booking, however, there is nothing unique that these have in store to offer you. Budget hotel in south Delhi may provide all the amenities but will surely not be able to give you the thrilling experience especially if you are sports lover. For this you need to book resorts. Here are different types of resorts for sport lovers.

Beach Resorts

These are the resorts that are primarily located on some major beach or are very close proximity to a beach. Apart from offering the basic accommodation facilities, these resorts also provide you an access to the stunning water activities. These activities include parasailing and tennis, horseback riding and beach volleyball, snorkelling and kayaking and scuba diving, windsurfing, boating and jet skiing and a lot more. There are few of the beach resorts that also have the special on-site beach that is reserved particularly for the guests.

Golf Resorts

These are the resorts that are basically meant for those who have an exceptional love for golfing. Golf resorts are the ones that either have on-site golf course or are located close to one of the golf courses in the vicinity. Not only do these offer you the resort accommodations but also the access to the golf passes. The gusts are allowed to play a round or two without having to pay any additional charge. Not all but many of these resorts also make provision of the confirmed tees times in addition to prepaid green fees as well as the use of golf carts.

All in all, these are the different types of resorts for sport lovers that you must try.

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