Safety Tips for Staying in 3 star Hotels in Delhi

There are a lot of Cheap hotels in south Delhi that offer you a good accommodation along with other services. Hotels near Kailash colony metro station offer you a budget stay and the perks of a convenient location. However, while staying a t a hotel you ought to be a little careful. Here we are going to discuss the safety tips for staying in 3 star Hotels in Delhi.

Lock your valuables

You must lock the items that you think you might not be requiring. These include your laptop and other electronics. There is a room safe in almost all the luxury hotel rooms for this purpose. Few of the hotels have a safe that allows you to choose the own safety code instead of using the keys which is considered to be a more safer option. One of the most important safety tip is that you must leave behind your passport in any case. In case you think that the safe in your room is not safe enough to store your things then you must go in for locking your valuables in the hotel safe. Ensure that you have a written receipt for all your items. Also, ask for the coverage in case of any loss.

Be careful with keys

In case you are unable to find the keys to your room then make it a point to inform the hotel authorities about the same. Never make this mistake of assuming that you have lost the key. In some cases, the key might have been stolen which is a big threat to all your belongings that are there inside the room. There can be anyone around who has this malicious intent of stealing the key.

All in all, these are the safety tips for staying in 3 star hotels in Delhi that you must follow.

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